Economic urban revitalisation
'Toreke' cafe and local currency

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Planting window boxes, using green power or collecting litter can all earn you ‘Torekes’, the local currency in Ghent’s Rabot-Blaisanvest district. Spend them on bus passes, cinema tickets or products from participating retailers, or even better, at Eecafé Toreke. At this local café some ten staff, who might otherwise be unable to find a job, serve up healthy meals cooked using vegetables from their allotments and meat from a local butcher. The ethical credentials are reflected in the décor: tables are made from old factory floorboards, walls from old cupboards and recycled coffee tins hang as lights from the ceiling. The café, an efficient business model and the result of cooperation between local stakeholders, offers a much-needed spot for local residents to get together, but also delivers meals by bike to elderly citizens who can’t get there. As well as paying in Torekes, the café provides discounted meals to those in financial difficulty.


Date: Thursday 28 November

Hours: 14.00 – 17.00

Number of participants: up to 30 participants

Connected to: EUROCITIES Economic Development Forum


Mode of transport: by tram (meeting point: De Bijloke, Bijlokekaai)

Location: Rabot district and ‘Eetcafé Toreke’

End point: ‘Eetcafé Toreke’ (Vlotstraat 22)


As a participant in this workshop, you will be able to explore the general area on a short walk, to allow you to get the feel of this developing area. After an introduction on the project and the neighbourhood, participants will be divided into smaller groups for an interactive conversation with project participants, a guided walk in the area or the possibility to earn and spend a Toreke. Rabot is a district in development. Densely populated, a vibrant ethnic mix and a proximity to the city center provide opportunities for trade, creative economy and neigbourhood improvement. Together with local entrepreneurs, the city aims at creating the conditions for economic development: space, visibility and active acquisition, the so called ‘neighbourhood injections’. The city makes efforts to attract new creative projects and entrepreneurs to the district.



14.00 – 14.30:  transport by tram to the Rabot district
14.30 – 14.45: walk through the Rabot district to ‘Eetcafé Toreke’
14.45 – 15.00: guided tour around the building
15.00 – 15.30:  economic revitalisation
  • ‘Eetcafé Toreke’ concept
  • neighbourhood injections
15.30 – 15.45: coffee break
15.45 – 17.00: discover in depth
  • ‘Eetcafé Toreke’: business model & implantation
  •  ‘Torekes’, the local currency in Ghent’s Rabot-Blaisanvest district
  •  neighbourhood injections in the ‘Wondelgemstraat’