Ghent Living Lab
Co-create your city

The workshop is fully booked but you can still register for the waiting list.


Living labs turn the traditional, top-down product development process on its head. They create an ecoystem in which the consumer/citizen is involved as much as possible in the different phases of development: identifying needs and problems, formulating solutions and feeding into the actual development and implementation of a product or service. Where traditionally the consumer/citizen only comes in at the very end of the process, evaluating a finished product, in living labs they become ‘co-creators’, resulting in products and services that better respond to their needs and expectations. We will explore the work of Ghent Living Lab (GLL, including a co-design session, learn about the European living lab framework and consider the role that cities and citizens can play in a local living lab.   


Date: Thursday 28 November

Hours: 14.00 – 17.00

Number of participants: up to 35 participants (4 to 5 groups)

Connected to: EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum


Mode of transport: by bus (meeting point: De Bijloke, Bijlokekaai)

Location: Digipolis, Bellevue 1, 9050 Ghent

End point: by bus back to the city centre


This workshop focuses on the role cities can play in a living lab methodology and setting.

You will experience the living lab methodology and get a sense of the value of co-creation.

Last March, the third edition of Apps for Ghent ( took place. During the hackathon, ICT students and developers worked with the open data available at One of the winning teams, 9K, created a ‘builder and spotter’ application. You can find their pitch at One of their prizes was a speaking slot at TEDXGent ( They were also given a summer job to work on their application.

The 9K ‘builder and spotter’ application is the result of a co-creation process. We would like to take the next step in this process together with the workshop participants. You will have the opportunity to co-create the application further. You will be able to use the application in small groups and by doing so, give valuable feedback to the 9K team.

You will be testing a functional application that the city of Ghent really wants to use and that might also be very valuable for your city.

The link to the application will be sent through in advance to the registered participants to give you a chance to discover what it’s about.

Important: no expert knowledge is required to participate in this workshop! The application is available in English.



14.00 – 14.30:    transport by bus

14.30 – 14.45:    a short presentation of the Ghent Living Lab

14.45 – 15.15:    a reflection from Jarmo Eskelinen, Forum Virium Helsinki and chair of the European Network of Living Labs, and 
                           Pieter Ballon, iMinds-iLab.o & iMinds-SMIT, VUB and  international secretary of the European Network of Living Labs on the
                           Ghent Living Lab model and the role cities can play in a living lab setting

15.15 – 15.30:    coffee break

15.30 – 17.00:    a co-creation session supervised by iMinds (member of the Ghent Living Lab and expert in Flanders on
                           the living lab methodology). Experience the living lab methodology!

  (10’ introduction by 9K; 40’@work in small groups; 10’ clustering of feedback; 20’ plenary feedback)