Practical Info

De Bijloke: A unique conference site

Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000 Ghent

The De Bijloke music centre is situated on the Bijloke site, a green oasis near the city centre, a haven of culture on the banks of the river Lys.
This site is home to many Ghent organisations. It is a lively and unique setting where knowledge and culture meet.
The site is also home to the Ghent city museum STAM, which presents the story of Ghent. The STAM is a dynamic city museum where inhabitants, users and (international) visitors can be fascinated by Ghent.


NT Gent,Ghent City Theatre

Sint-Baafsplein 17, 9000 Ghent

At the civic theatre you can enjoy plays – both classic and contemporary – in a building that breathes tradition.
On the terrace of the foyer you’ll also enjoy a breathtaking view of Sint-Baafsplein.


Town Hall

Botermarkt 1, 9000 Ghent

Ghent’s town hall is a building with many faces. The flamboyant Gothic style of the façade in Hoogpoort contrasts sharply with the rather sober Renaissance style of the Botermarkt side.
You can also see many different styles inside the building: the Arsenal Hall with its wooden vaulting, the marvellous Wedding Chapel with the counts of Flanders immortalised in stained glass windows, the Pacification Hall with its white and black paved labyrinth, a symbol of the quest for justice and happiness, and many more.



Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Ghent

The Gravensteen, or castle of the counts, was built by Philip of Alsace in 1180 and later served as the seat of the Counts of Flanders. Today it is open to visitors.


MSK - Museum of Fine Arts

Citadelpark, Fernand Scribedreef 1, 9000 Ghent

The MSK is situated on the east side of the Citadelpark. The museum holds a large permanent collection of art from the Middle Ages until mid 20th Century. The collection focuses on Flemish Art (Southern Netherlands) but also has several European- especially French- paintings. It also has a large amount of sculptures.The restoration of “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”, the masterpiece by the Van Eyck brothers, started in September 2012 and visitors can see the work in progress at MSK.


City Pavillion 

Poeljemarkt, 9000 Ghent

The multifunctional and open city hall is an architectural masterpiece designed by the architects Robbrecht & Daem / Marie-José Van Hee. The roof structure and the use of glass, wood and concrete are very striking. This location can host concerts, dance performances and markets.