Storify reports 29-11-2013 12:58:01
Video plenary session available now 28-11-2013 08:44:28
Storify report 27 November now available 27-11-2013 21:21:31
Message from the mayor of Ghent, the president and secretary general 22-11-2013 11:44:19
Panel Mayors debate complete 04-10-2013 22:11:34
Concert Collegium Vocale Gent on 26 November at 20.00 04-10-2013 22:11:02

We offer early birds the opportunity to attend free of charge a concert of the world renowned Collegium Vocale Gent. They were one of the first ensembles to use new ideas about baroque performance practice in vocal music. For more information on the concert: If you are interested, please send an email to

Visit STA.M, Ghent city museum 04-10-2013 22:09:48

STA.M provides the perfect introduction to Ghent. This new museum on the Bijloke site is the gateway to the city. You can visit the museum for free during the conference with your EUROCITIES conference badge.

Registration for EUROCITIES 2013 Ghent is now available 21-06-2013 17:08:45

The registration for EUROCITIES 2013 Ghent is now available on the website.

On the conference website you will find all the information about our six workshops, which further explore the conference theme and allow you to discover more of Ghent. Don’t forget to register also for the meet-a-colleague on Wednesday 27 November, where you’ll get the opportunity to meet your European colleagues in a relaxed setting. 

Moderator Nick Conrad confirmed 17-06-2013 08:29:01
Keynote Dan Hill confirmed 17-06-2013 08:27:56
Register in June 12-05-2013 16:44:50

Registrations for EUROCITIES 2013 Ghent open in June. More information on keynotes, 
workshops and mayors debate will be available in a few weeks time.

EUROCITIES 2013 Ghent 02-05-2013 09:27:35

EUROCITIES annual conference 'Smart citizens'

There is no such thing as a smart city without citizens! EUROCITIES 2013 Ghent will explore how innovation and new technology can be used to empower citizens and build more inclusive, more sustainable societies. How can smart technology lead to improved transport, better social cohesion and more efficient energy consumption in our cities? We believe that by working together with our citizens to create this 'smart city ecosystem', we can achieve a better quality of life for everyone.