Huis van Alijn

Supertagger is a crowdsourcing initiative launched by Huis van Alijn museum director Sylvie and her team, which aims to gather information from the public about the museum’s collection of old photos and slides, about which it knows very little. Visitors and volunteers are invited to take part online as ‘supertaggers’ and provide ‘tags’ for the images, such as place and content descriptions. Huis van Alijn has already received 17,000 tags for its images, which it is currently verifying. Teacher Jan Peeters used the project as a way to help his non-Dutch speaking pupils to gain new vocabulary and learn a bit about Belgian history. The success of the project has led Sylvie to launch a new initiative, TIME FOR THE 80s, which aims to collect examples of sound, colour and visuals from the 80s. The results will be showcased at Ghent Museum Night on 28 November 2013.