The Trojan Bike
Transforming the mobility system

Ghent locals aren’t just dreaming of a sustainable mobility culture, they’re acting on it. In 2012, a diverse group of 25 citizens came together in a ‘transition arena’ to develop a united vision for the Ghent of tomorrow. Recognising the need to change the way we move about, they developed ‘Trojan Bike’, an open network of smart citizens, companies and organisations, which outlines achievable visions for a Ghent of the future where life is both sustainable and good quality. A number of small ‘icon’ projects are already offering an insight into what Ghent might look like in 2050. Leefstraat 1.0 is one such project. Two streets in Ghent were transformed into a ‘living street’ for a month, complete with plants, trees, picnic tables and, importantly, a drastic reduction in traffic. Residents tried out alternative modes of transport instead, such as electric bikes. Next up, the network is focusing on alternative cycle routes and giving houses and buildings a ‘sustainable mobility score’.