Urban beekeeper
Bees in a box

It all began with an allotment. One thing led to another for Liesbeth Hiele and Marijn Rabaut and before they knew it they were producing wine, jam, elderflower cordial and cider. So why not honey? In May 2009 they opened their first hive in Ghent’s Brugse Poort area, and a second soon followed. They harvested the first Ghent honey a year later. This inspired them to try urban beekeeping in Ghent. They identified suitable locations, and had soon installed hives on top of the Vooruit cultural centre, Le Jardin Bohémien breakfast café and on their own private terrace, a total of 14 hives. This is all part of an urban beekeeping and city farming experiment that they intend to carry out within the next few years, being careful to respect the urban environment by travelling only by bike, using clean paints and using man-powered machinery.