La mosca
Ghent Undercover

See Ghent in a different light: hunt criminal gangs and investigate suspect locations around the historic city using your smart phone or tablet as part of ‘Ghent Undercover’, a new GPS-based city game developed by Ghent resident Kristof Van den Branden’s La mosca company, founded in 2006. ‘Ghent Undercover’ is just one of many games launched by La mosca, which also develops smartphone apps. Kristof Van den Branden, a board games enthusiast, had the idea for city games back in 1998, and launched his first games in 2007 with ‘The Target’ and ‘Citytracks’. The latest game was developed as part of Ghent’s involvement in the Shaping24 European project, which promotes its unique heritage and historical locations.Download the free app of the city game on Google play or on iTunes.