District websites
Residents Academy

As well as the official district sites on Ghent’s main website (gent.be), many community groups operate their own local websites or Facebook groups, providing news and information about the neighbourhood. These websites are all independent of each other, and therefore have different content and designs. Gentbrugge and Ledeberg residents Liesbeth Marckx and Lieven Blancke, together with five other locals, run a website (www.uitin9050.be) providing information on local events, such as a recent exhibition in a neighbourhood care centre. Veerle Verspille and Kristof Vandermeersch launched www.assels.be which provides brief reports and photos from local events, and is linked to a Facebook and Twitter account which residents feed into. Inspired by these, David Slosse from the city of Ghent, brought the people behind those and similar sites together in late 2011 to develop the ‘Residents’ Academy’. It hosts five sessions a year for residents interested in setting up their own web portals or social media groups. Each session has a different focus and is led by an experienced resident, and the academy can also organise training and support.