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Freya van den Bossche

Minister Freya van den Bossche was born in Ghent and also studied  there. From 2004  until 2009 she was Minister in the Belgian Government  and then member of the House of Parliament.   She is  the current Flemish  Minister  for Cities,  Housing , Energy and  the Social Economy   She has been involved in local politics as a former deputy mayor and as current city councillor.


Stephen Clark

Stephen Clark has been head of web communications at the European Parliament since 2007. He has been deeply involved in the introduction and development of social media in the communications mix and the ongoing renewal of the European Parliaments wider digital strategy. Since 1 September 2012 he has been in charge of the directorate for relations with citizens.


Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller, Founder and Executive Director of Zen Digital Europe, is a recognized digital social entrepreneur with twenty years of international experience in the tech and ICT sectors.  Cheryl's work to promote science and technology to women and girls has been recognized by the United Nations and the European Commission, and she is consulted worldwide as an expert and speaker on topics related to digital inclusion, digital literacy, gender equality, youth and female leadership, and entrepreneurship, especially in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


Rob Heirbaut

Rob Heirbaut is a Belgian political journalist who studied  Law  at the Ghent university. He is employed  with  the VRT , the Flemish broadcasting company,  where he originally worked as a general reporter and where he is now a European Union specialist at the news department.Together with the Ghent professor Mr H. Vos, he wrote a book "“How Europe influences our lives”  for which they obtained a prestigious award..

​Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez 

Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez teaches ‘innovation research’ and ‘ICT & New Media’ at the University of Ghent. As the head of the iMinds research group for Media & ICT (MICT) he is involved in several smart city projects. As part of the management team of iMinds-iLab.o, he manages the living lab and panel component supporting many of these smart city projects.